The Quality Taste of Taiwan

At Taiwan Way, we source only the finest ingredients to craft our exceptional products. Our fish-based production are made with SA graded premium fish paste. And locally sourced fresh BC pork for our delicious meat products.

Natural Flavoring

Your destination for authentic and quality Taiwanese food. We prioritize quality by avoiding additives, artificial flavors, and enhancers, letting the rich taste of natural ingredients shine. Natural texture achieved through a precise blend of starches and a natural hammering process.

supporting local business by purchasing from regional farms

made in canada. local production in small quantities to ensure freshness

Sausages with NATURAL HOG CASING, with premium fresh meats

Avoid additives, artificial flavors, or enhancers

Mother's little assistant

freshly served dished under 10 mins

We can now freeze the products to provide a healthier version of the traditional snacks. Without added preservatives, parents can add these staple dishes to regular meals; allowing children to eat more of what they love.

facility standards

SFC and HACCP approved modern factory

To extend the freshness of our meats, the state-of-the-art processing facility is well sanitized and maintained. Standard operating procedures are strictly followed to ensure the quality of all productions.


MEAT guarantee

We maximize the protein ratio to ensure the best value, taste, and texture. Our meats are local and hormone and ractopamine free.



Incorporating the idea of healthy eating, our meat products are made with less than 25% fat.

10° C

Modern Factory

The temperature of the processing environment is always under 10 degrees.

0° C


Thanks to the modern blast refrigeration system, adding preservative like potassium sorbate no longer required for us to keep our food fresh.

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Delivery within Greater Vancouver area for all orders over $50

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